The Benefits of PBX VoIP Services for Your Business

VoIP services, including telephony, leverage the power of the Internet to bring the traditional PBX phone systems used by many businesses into the modern era. The Technology Depot Hosted PBX VoIP services will reduce your telephone costs and increase the level of control and flexibility you have over your phone system. Traditional phone lines and long distance charges paid to the phone company can be very costly and add up quickly. Studies have shown that when compared to a traditional telephone line, VoIP services have the potential to reduce your cost to make local calls by 40% and up to 90% on international calls.

VoIP services function much the same as the phone systems that have been the standard in business communications for more than 30 years. The features and functionality that you would expect in any business telephone system are all present, but taken to the next level. No longer will you to rely on a separate phone vendor to make any changes to the phones, extensions or call handling rules. Changes can be programmed and implemented in a matter of minutes, and often do not require a technician to visit your office. An IP phone uses the Internet for connectivity instead of relying on standard analog phone lines. This means that a compatible IP phone can be easily configured for use at any location with an active internet connection, be it a remote office site or home office, and remain fully integrated into the phone system.

Given all of the benefits VoIP services has over the alternative, it's probably not a question of "if" so much as "when" you will move to a VoIP telephone system. Once you determine that VoIP is right for your business, our San Diego IT support team will help you choose the appropriate, cost effective setup and equipment to take advantage of this fantastic technology.

The power of the Internet brings with it many benefits for modern business communications. With VoIP services you can reduce costs, increase flexibility and provide new capabilities never before available in a business phone system. Your customers and competitors are taking advantage of new communication technologies – you should, too. Let The Technology Depot Technology Solutions help bring the benefits of VOIP services to your business.

VoIP Phone Systems and Phones

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