Design, Installation, and Systems Migration

The server is a central and crucial factor to the success of your business. All servers should be designed to accommodate and enhance the day to day operations of your business and help to support all that you do as an organization. The Technology Depot IT Support expertise includes a broad range of server products including (but in no way limited to): Microsoft® Exchange, Windows Server, and Microsoft® SQL Server. Our IT Support services cover the entire range of business needs from server design and installation to systems migration. The Technology Depot has been working hand in hand with businesses designing and implementing servers and computer networks for over a decade, and we are proud to be a Microsoft® Certified Partner and VMware® Solution Provider.

Server Installation

During the planning and design phase of a server implementation or migration it's important to consider a number of factors in order to determine the configuration that will best serve your current environment, workflow and plans for growth.

Would a single server or clustered configuration be more beneficial for your business? Should new hardware be purchased for a single server? Can you use virtualization technologies to give you the option of adding additional servers in the future? The Technology Depot will work with you to understand your business needs now and in the future in order to help you make these decisions before you invest thousands of dollars in a new server. As a highly experienced IT Support services provider, we don't just react to your needs. We work with you directly to plan ahead and get a clear picture of your future plans so that we can implement a server solution that is scalable as your business continues to grow.

Server Migration

It's time to move. Whether it's to a new server or a new office space, The Technology Depot understands the dynamics of server migration. We will plan for this transfer with you so we can help minimize disruption to your business and ensure a smooth transition.

The Technology Depot can also assist you in Server Migrations to Public / Private/ Hybrid Clouds, we are the Cloud experts for Public clouds - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP), Private / Hybrid Clouds with VMware, Microsoft, Open Stack & Citrix platforms. The Technology Depot can sell you the software or provide these services as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) as a monthly as a Service subscription.

Exchange Server Upgrade

If you are operating on a server older than Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013, there are many features and improvements in the newer editions that may interest you. We will be happy to explain the new MS Exchange Server features and help you determine if they are right for your business. Newer versions of Microsoft® Exchange Server have been designed to improve operational efficiency and support mobile and remote workers with improved access to email.

Server Management

Once your server has been installed or you have completed a server migration, The Technology Depot offers ongoing server management, putting IT support experts on the watch to keep your server functioning optimally at all times, so your business can, too.

Once your new server has been installed or your server migration is complete, you can rely upon The Technology Depot to manage and maintain the server throughout its lifespan. The Technology Depot offers ongoing server management and monitoring services. Our IT support experts will use cutting edge technology and vast experience to proactively maintain your servers to make sure all operations are functioning optimally and minimize system downtime.

Services Include

  • Server installation
  • Server migration
  • Server management
  • Ongoing IT Management
  • Server upgrades

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