Design, Implementation, and Maintenance

The Technology Depot provides system administration and network support services to businesses both large and small. We design, implement and maintain your IT systems and networks, creating a solid IT foundation for your business so that you can focus on your core strengths while we handle the technical details. Corporate network security is a critical consideration and is one of The Technology Depot core strengths. To keep your network and servers operating well, after establishing the IT infrastructure you need for your business operations, you can rely on us for the ongoing administration and IT system support you may require.

System Administration

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, The Technology Depot offers reliable IT support for your servers, network and other IT systems. We have extensive experience supporting a wide range of servers, with a primary focus on Microsoft servers including Microsoft Exchange. From configuration and installation to server migrations and office relocations, we have many years of experience managing IT systems in dynamic and demanding work environments. We'll help create and manage network user accounts for new, existing and former employees. In addition managing and providing your in-office technology framework, our IT strategies empower you to have remote access to your office work environment. Remote access and mobile worker solutions improve productivity and offer convenient yet secure access to the files and applications you need from outside the office.

Network Support Services

Once your business network has been established, there are a number of actions you can and should take to proactively protect your servers and network. The Technology Depot IT support experts will assist in implementing recommended AntiVirus and AntiSpam solutions as part of a layered approach to corporate network security. We provide network management including implementation and management of Firewalls, VPNs, Web content filtering and secure wireless solutions. Corporate network security should be core concern for any business that hopes to experience continuous uptime and protect sensitive client and company data. For businesses that deal with sensitive financial, legal or medical data corporate network security is a critical consideration. With clients including law firms, medical offices and financial services, The Technology Depot has the breadth and depth of experience to work with your company to implement a network and server environment with a focus on security at its core.

  • Server Installation/Migration
  • Desktop/Software Installation
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • AntiSpam Solutions
  • Firewall/VPN Design and Deployment
  • Web Content Filtering (Websense)
  • Secure Wireless Solutions

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