Centralize Your IT Resources

Forget the days of huge servers taking up storage closets and office space, tangled wires, stressed-out IT personnel, and extraordinary costs. Remove the limitations of physical space and leverage the best practices of business IT today: server virtualization will help you immediately lower capital expense, increase the flexibility of your systems, reduce energy use, and increase your uptime.

With virtualization, your business IT resources are centralized, so as your users move between offices, clients, and meeting locations, they still have full access to what they need. The Technology Depot virtualization IT services enables your employees to access their information from any location, no matter what device they're using.

Virtualization is available for various facets of your business, whether you are interested in server virtualization, desktop virtualization, virtualization networking, or another aspect of the technology.

Other benefits of virtualization include:

  • First and Foremost, virtualization reduces major capital expenses; avoid investing in physical servers that are end of life.
  • Less maintenance costs.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Flexibility to react to the changing needs and growth of your business.
  • Better disaster recovery options. The fact is, from time to time we have fire season or earthquakes in California. IT support can help you create ongoing back-ups that can be replicated in more than one place.
  • Increased uptime of your servers.
  • Improved life of applications that now live on a virtual server instead of physically wearing down.
  • Prepare your business to move into the cloud.
  • Test security updates and patches across your network before fully applying them.
  • Leverage The Technology Depot's – Infrastructure as a Service and only pay a monthly charge for the Virtual services you need for Compute, Storage, Network, Security and High Availability (HA) Redundancy services.

You don't need a big budget to take advantage of virtualization. Whether you are a small business or mid-sized firm, the many benefits of virtualization are available to you. The Technology Depot IT consultancy services can help you determine which virtualization opportunities are right for you, and help you make the best use of your technology budget.

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