Reduce the Costs and Complexity Associated with Data Center Storage

On-Premise as a Service equips data centers with local storage that eliminates purchases and leases, and helps enterprises become more efficient and agile, while simplifying data portability. Zadara’s OPaaS solution is powered by a Virtual Private Storage ArrayTM (VPSATM), which is built on powerful Intel® processors and storage technologies, is renowned for its reliability, flexibility, and true multitenant performance that has been available extensively in public clouds worldwide.

OPaaS installs physical storage on site in customer data centers, but delivers enterprise Storage as a Service (STaaS) that eliminates up-front costs, includes remote storage management, and features usage-based subscription pricing. Since OPaaS combines the benefits of dedicated VPSAs with pay-as-you-go enterprise storage, it transforms your Capital Expenditure (CapEx) storage budgets into pure Operational Expense (OpEx)— billed monthly and without up-front costs—delivering a simplified utility cost model.

Zadara Storage delivers enterprise STaaS using VPSAs that include unique and patented technologies. VPSAs look, perform, and behave like enterprise storage with multiprotocol support, dual high-availability controllers, a choice of drive types (including Intel® SSDs, high-performance HDDs, and 6TB high-capacity drives), flash cache capabilities, and advanced storage features. VPSA advanced enterprise storage management features include:

  • Unified storage—delivering concurrent multiprotocol data access
  • Flash cache—accelerating reads and writes, protected under distributed RAID-1
  • Remote mirroring—enabling business continuity plans and multigeography collaboration
  • Asynchronous replication—facilitating disaster recovery for business-critical applications
  • Snapshots—with creation policies simplifying data backup and recovery
  • Clones—with read/write access supporting test/development applications
  • Thin provisioning—improving storage efficiency to minimize storage costs
  • Data-at-rest and in-flight encryption—ensuring strong security of stored information
  • Quality of Service (QoS)—protecting service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Usage tracking—with metered billing supporting reporting and chargebacks

Zadara Storage On-Premise as a Service (PDF)

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