Options for Supporting a Remote Workforce

We have received a large number of customer inquiries related to the possible needs of supporting larger numbers of Remote & Home-based Worker’s for phone / computer / meetings and employee / customer communications.

With all of the news related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and with it now being escalated to Pandemic status many organizations are working to put in place the ability to conduct business even if staff cannot come to the office or go to customer locations. Many have not considered that some staff may be impacted by forces outside of their control (i.e. Schools close requiring children to stay home, thereby requiring in-home child care for an extended time, buildings being closed for cleaning due to others that work in the building or have visited the building that may be infected, or other staff that may be diagnosed with the Coronavirus). As you can see many of these issues are outside of your control.

In order to keep your business / organization open and operational during these times there are many ways that we can assist your organization so you keep your employees productive and more importantly allowing your organization to support and service your customers to keep revenue flowing in during this time.

The following are some of the areas that The Technology Depot can assist your organization on a short term or Long-term basis. These options are available on pay as you go subscription options or on purchase / lease options. These can be Onsite premise or Cloud based solutions / services.

Remote Worker / Customer Support / Sales options –

  • Teleworking / telecommuting for employees. (Remote phones – Physical, Softphones or cell phone Twinning. Supporting staff where ever they may be working from
  • Remote VPN (Virtual Private Networking) from your Office to your employee’s home
  • Remote Desktop services from your Office to your employee’s home
  • Audio / Web / Video Conferencing for Staff and Customer meetings (Support and Sales Mtgs)
  • Employee / Customer Notification / Alerting systems to keep staff / customers up to date and aware of changing conditions within your organization as well as keeping them safe for this issue and all issues that may impact your organization
  • Cyber security for onsite and remote workers to protect your company Data & Applications
  • Safety & Productivity monitoring / reporting tools for remote staff and customers

There are multiple ways to make these technologies work for your business / organization.

Many employers want to be prepared for this possibility should the need arise for their staff to work from home or remote. Most importantly how to keep your business / organization open and thriving during this time of uncertainty. Protect your Business and all of its Assets - Staff & Customers.

If you are interested in finding out how to Protect and enable your business please contact me.

Ginny Dean
Business Protection & Customer Solutions Advocate
(858) 427-4464

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