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Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Mitel Networks Corporation is a leading global provider of enterprise and small business communications solutions and services. Mitel's focus is on blending powerful infrastructure with an intuitive human interface to deliver the benefits of voice, video and data convergence to the user.

Mitel provides advanced voice, video and data communications platforms, desktop phones and Internet appliances, intuitive applications for customer relationship management and mobility, messaging and multimedia collaboration.

Building on a foundation of success in enterprise communications, the company now focuses it efforts on Internet Protocol (IP) and the benefits it enables through the convergence of voice, video and data over a single broadband network. These new new IP-based communications platforms are designed to allow customers of all sizes to seamlessly implement and /or migrate, in an evolutionary functionality of traditional Private Branch Exchange ("PBX") and Key Telephone Systems ("KTS").

Through best-in-class strategic relationships Mitel can offer businesses the choice and flexibility of an end-to-end converged Local Area Network or seamless interoperability with any existing infrastructure.

Communications Platforms-Enterprise Management
IP-Business Telephones-Wireless-Teleworking
Call Center-Conferencing & Colaboration-Messaging

Professional Services-Retail-Hospitality