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The Technology Depot
Vendor Report Card

How has your vendor done for you lately?

How does your vendor stack up?


How does your vendor rate? Many customers assume or expect that their vendor is doing or providing many of the services listed in this Vendor checklist. The question is, do you have a way or verifying, testing, and documenting that is being done?

The Technology Depot has put together this vendor checklist to assist customers in measuring the performance of their vendors. This checklist will also assist customers in determining where additional support services may be needed to protect your company should failures occur. Many customers may not know exactly what to expect from their vendor's so this checklist can serve as a basic foundation of customer expectations.


Give each answer a score of 1-5 (Be honest!)

  1. Never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Most of the time
  4. Almost always
  5. Always

Answer each question and add your scores at the bottom once completed.

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* 1. Does your vendor perform scheduled backups of your voicemail system?
* 2. Does your vendor Perform scheduled backups of your telephone system database?
* 3. Does your vendor provide online or live training for new employees?
* 4. Does your vendor schedule visits or conference calls
to discuss applications that apply to your business or industry?
* 5. Does your vendor visit or call to see what changes have taken place
within your company, to help you better utilize your current technology?
* 6. Does your vendor survey internal managers to see what additional telecommunications needs they might have since the system was installed?
* 7. Do technicians arrive on time as planned or at least call to reschedule?
* 8. Were the technicians prepared with all the information, parts, and equipment to complete the scheduled service or install?
* 9. Does your vendor offer to review your telephone carrier and internet service provider bills to see if you are getting the best value?
* 10. Does your vendor offer product updates or bulletains on your various systems on an ongoing basis
* 11. Does your vendor offer solutions that might include refurbished or previously owned technology to help contain service and expansion costs?
* 12. Does your vendor pro-actively inform you that system upgrades are available for your various systems?
* 13. Does your vendor explain the new features and benefits of completing the software upgrade?
* 14. Has your vendor recommended or discussed options for disaster recovery of your telecommunications systems, network and telco service providers?
* 15. Does your vendor offer remote off-site backup of your system databases and configurations?
* 16. Does your vendor invite your organization to technology seminars on a quaterly basis?
* 17. Has your vendor documented your current system and network design?
* 18. Does your vendor maintain a current network diagram of voice and data equipment and update it at least quarterly?
* 19. Does your vendor provide Contact/Call center consulting and analysis for call flow, functionality and efficiency?
* 20. Has your vendor discussed with you the benefits of remote teleworking/offsite networking for employees or branch offices?